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Are you looking for an online LL.M. programme? Complete the ELP LL.M. remotely.

The ELP LL.M. is an online English language postgraduate master‘s programme which was created as a response to German and foreign students‘ requests to study certain specialised areas of European-relevant law.

The cost per semester is 7500 €. Anyone who has a first professional degree in law, one year of qualified professional experience and the required English language skills is welcome to apply. For details, please see Programme/Application and Admission.

For 2 semesters you will study many aspects of the European law and its implications for global politics and economy. German language skills are not required. Please find the curriculum here.

The University of Cologne’s Faculty of Law professors make up the basis of the program’s teaching personnel in addition to numerous highly-qualified external lecturers. Please find a full list here.

Since the European Union continues to evolve; in past years, its role has already evolved from a simple trade union to a political entity along-side the member states. National law in EU member states becomes more and more intertwined with European law, as EU legislation continues to harmonise and standardise various fields of the law, all under the enquiring eye of the European Court of Justice. At the same time, the EU acts as a counterbalance both politically and economically towards the global superpowers China, Russia and the United States of America. In order to master this important position in the future, educated and specifically trained lawyers are required. This is where the new LL.M. programme comes in: it prepares you for top-ranking employment in the legal field in the European Union or indeed globally.

For details, please see Programme/Curriculum.