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Objectives and organisation of the study programme


The University of Cologne attaches great importance to the establishment of the postgraduate Master's programme European Legal Perspectives (ELP). Continuing education programmes such as this one, which is intended to reach an international audience and impart in-depth specialised knowledge in a particular field that cannot be presented in the normal university curriculum, strengthen the teaching profile of the University of Cologne and its Faculty of Law.

The organisational implementation of the ELP Master's programme is entrusted to the non-profit Cologne LAW Education GmbH (gGmbH), which was founded for this purpose. It is a continuation of a cooperation between the University of Cologne and Cologne Tax Education gGmbH that has been successful for years and now bundles the further education activities of the Faculty of Law under a common roof. The gGmbH, whose sole shareholder is the University of Cologne, exclusively fulfils the purposes of the university and therefore has the status of a non-profit organisation.

The gGmbH is the link between the University of Cologne and the Faculty of Law on the one hand and continuing education students and external lecturers on the other. The relationship between the students and the gGmbH is governed by the General Terms and Conditions of the programme, which can be found on the registration form. The relationship between the University of Cologne or the Faculty and the gGmbH is regulated in a comprehensive cooperation agreement, which includes the exact distribution of tasks. According to this agreement, the gGmbH is responsible in particular for the practical organisation of the degree programme and the financial management. In addition, it is closely linked institutionally with the Faculty of Law and specifically with its Dean's Office, where the final academic responsibility for this degree programme lies. In detail, the final academic responsibility means that

  •     decisions on the content and organisation of the curriculum,
  •     on admission, recognition and credit,
  •     the assignment and assessment of examinations,
  •     on the administration of examination and student data,
  •     on quality assurance procedures
  •     as well as on criteria and procedures for the selection of teaching staff

are the responsibility of the Faculty of Law at the University of Cologne. In addition, there is a regular institutionalised exchange between all those involved via the programme officers of the Faculty of Law and the advisory board of the gGmbH.